EFEMIR Nigeria helps existing and new SMEs (Small and Medium Scale Enterpises/ business organizations on strategic business planning ,growth and corporate restructuring. We also offer customized training for staffs of such organizations.

As corporate managers concentrate on their chief vision and meeting organizational goals, we help them with strategies on developing the right business climate to help nurse those goals and workforce for effective and profitable business.

It is not easy to spot an organization with a growing track record of good business management principles that is consistent even in the midst of a tough business terrain. Due to the seasoned business training ethics and few years of entrepreneurial experience, we have being able to develop a training module that is consistent with present business practice and growth.s is geared towards help individuals/corporations to build, develop and manage effective and 

We help both new and existing businesses build efficient organizational systems that are sustainable and also profitable in line with both short, median and long term organization goals.

This is done with a drive towards helping them;

  • Enhancing greater customer satisfaction.

  • Increasing profitability.

  • Understand competitiveness and formulate best winning strategies to become a brand.

Our trainings center around (but not limited to):


This is done on three different levels.

  • Complete full package training for entire workforce.

  • Customized training for a sphere of workforce (e.g. new recruits, middle management, top management/executive).

  • Contract package for periodic training slots.

We help such organizations attain maximum performance from employees through helping them develop a workable appraisal system, structured team work strategies, effective communication, interpersonal skills and employee coaching services.



This will help your organization develop a customer care unit and build a culture that will help create a professional customer feedback system that is in line withyour business. It will also help you understand CRM (Customer Relationship Management systems).

This is aimed at helping your organization increase her present customer base, attract new clients and hence properly manage customer relationship to build loyalty and sustainable service delivery that will help your customers stay loyal to patronizing you.


We can also help your organization develop very efficient web systems that helps you connect with more clients and sell out your business online.

This involves creating a user-friendly website, social Media platforms etc.

To start up your web services and take your business to a new level



We offer:

  1. Pre -Career Training (PCT) for senior secondary students.

  2. School development programs for primary and secondary school and their workforce.

  3. Career Development Training for individuals seeking jobs, undergraduates, graduates, Corpers etc.

  4. Seminars and workshops on skill acquisition, entrepreneurial development, business growth and sustenance, Self development, strategic life planning etc.

  5. Staff training for both small and medium scale enterprises and organizations.

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